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Peter Jackson
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Lucy O’Driscoll is planning another of her health and wellness outings in October.

She’s been holding these Body, Mind and Spirit Retreats for several years now — sometimes twice a year — and as far as I know she gets a good response.

 I have a friend who went to one, and she reported she had a wonderful time.

I’ve never gone myself. For some reason, they always occur on the one weekend I set aside for polishing my silverware.

But it’s always a highlight for me just to read about them, to enjoy them vicariously.

Some of these daily sessions call for a bit of an open mind.

And when I say open, I mean Witless Bay barrens open.

Here, without annotation, are some of the facilitators and highlights for this year’s retreat.

You can email Lucy O’Driscoll at odriscoll16@gmail.com for more info.


Sarah Monaghan is a healer, a coach and counsellor, a spiritual teacher and a catalyst for change who believes that there are many paths to the truth. She has been a massage therapist, energy healer, and counsellor for over 20 years and she is passionate about assisting people to remember who they truly are.

Alison Normore is an innovator and leader in the human potential movement bridging the worlds of spirit and matter, east and west, with a PhD in human development and certification as a shamanic energy practitioner. Alison is an inspiring spiritual teacher and Earth ceremonialist who shares ancient wisdom for modern times in workshops, retreats and sacred site tours to Newfoundland. www.alisonnormore.com; blog: Sacred Musings/

Judith Royle is the tour guide for your life’s journey. For over 14 years, Judith has been helping clients be the power of their potential via a variety of life coaching programs and alternative health and wellness modalities such as Soul Genesis, Reiki Master, Meditation, sound healing through Crystal Singing Bowls, healing with crystals, Healing Touch, and Past Life Regression.


The Genuine Spiritual Path:

Being on a genuine spiritual path doesn’t mean a life of comfort, ease and pink fluffy clouds. Real Spirituality is not an escape from the “real world,” but rather a direct confrontation of who you really are, and can change your life in a deeply meaningful way. It involves a conscious and continuous decision to do the work that facilitates a loving relationship with yourself, others, and your Source. We will explore the genuine spiritual path, and will also include four steps to loving yourself, which is a prerequisite to inner peace and joyful spiritual growth.

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying:

Navigating multi-dimensional reality, the shaman travels energetically to connect with helping spirits and healing wisdom. In this session you will learn about the tools for achieving altered states of consciousness and explore the landscapes where the shaman journeys to retrieve lost soul parts and find new destinies.

Who are you?

Are you ready to see the patterns and beliefs that are running your life? This workshop is all about becoming aware of the stories you tell yourself, owning them and letting them go, empowering you to see yourself as you really are. Once you can see and embrace who you are, you will be inspired to take your unique and much needed gifts into the world.

Explore your gifts:

We all have gifts! What are yours? Healing? Empathy? Knowing? Some you may be familiar with, others may be dormant. Others can be such a part of us, and the way we interact with the world, that we don’t realize we are doing anything out of the ordinary. In this workshop, you will explore your gifts, known and unknown, through discussions and exercises designed to help you understand, develop and use the abilities you have. Please bring a small item that holds sentimental value for you to this workshop.

Peter Jackson is The Telegram’s

commentary editor. Email pjackson@thetelegram.com.

Organizations: Healing Touch

Geographic location: Witless Bay, Newfoundland

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