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  • robbie
    August 23, 2010 - 21:42

    I cant believe that only 1.2% have gambling problems.I know almost all gamblers in my town,and bar owners,and i see more like 60% have a problem.Not only that i went around with a friend,and personally asked each one how they felt about removing them from our bars.The results were about 90% in favor of removing them.These were all players playing at the time,and about 80% of players that were broke until they got paid wanted them gone.So the real facts are that most people,besides the government and none players are in favor of there removal.All these mini casinos all over our towns is not rite.Those vlts were brought here,and played by people who had no idea of there ability to addict,or damage them,and there families.The software,and software providers are one of a kind,and the only one that is governed by replacing chips to maximize profits.They are the most unfair video slots in the world.All others can be played for free,but not vlts.All others are regulated under the "fair gaming commission" All other games offer bonuses,and a percentage of cashback,if you lose.VLT`S are a government controlled,always lose,homebreaker ripp off bottom line.The government know it,and the addicted players know it. Yet they still have them here.They are killing people,and causing kids to go hungry,and people way too much money stress.They need to go,and soon.