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  • Jim Michaels
    September 23, 2010 - 19:17

    I hate to be the one to break this to you guys, but the long gun registry is designed as a foundation for the national mass confiscation of most firearms. It's a one step process. Lieberals demand that gun owners shoulder the entire cost of the registry, gun ownership becomes prohibitively expensive as a result. We all need to start looking beyond the end of our noses on this one. Think about what I just said above and think about YOUR future. Look across the world for examples of what I speak of, like poor, disarmed (except for the criminals) Britain and poor, disarmed (except for the criminals, of course), inferno Jamaica. When what I said is going to happen does happen (you know it will; the lieberals are slime and the worst always happens with them) and we all hand in our rifles, what do you think all the Newfoundlander men who hunt are going to think of you and how you, either in ignorance or true evil, led along others to the destruction of Canadian firearms ownership more efficiently than the pied-piper himself? If I were you, I'd use false names when posting anti-gun propaganda (I'm not saying you're lying; you were probably successfully lied to). Less forgiving men than me will consequence you in many, many severe ways (Ever been confused as to why you were fired? Did you enjoy that sensation?) after you cause their disarmament, unintentionally or not. They will not listen as you try to state your intentions. I guarantee it. We're all going to be extremely, bring-the-wrath-of-God-down angry with you, though I am not angry as I write this now. I just bear a sad smile at this point in time. Think about all that. Let that sink in. What about YOUR heritage? The lieberals are definitely trying to confiscate all Canadian firearms. You can see this because every arguement that they have presented to defend the registry has been desicively mangled by us, the pro-gun "yahoos". The registry clearly has one purpose only. Here's another thing to digest: Maybe I'd still have my left pinkie and ring fingers if I had been allowed to shoot the intruder in my home a few years back. Instead I had to tackle him, he discharged pepperspray, and we both ended up rolling around on the floor stabbing each other with his knife. I hate to break this to you, but I honestly think he deserved to die for what he did to me, not go to jail for 2 years less a day. I'm a man and I didn't die so no one cares. I am the only one who feels the phantom pains of my wayward fingers (constantly). The whip was a giant spit in the face of Canadian democracy. It is a national disgrace that will not soon be forgotten. Herr Ignatieff must be obliterated from Canadian politics. We're working on it. I'm guessing that you have a few political issues that occupy your days. I have only one. I'm a polite man. Shoot an anti-gun arguement my way. I guarantee you I will shred it up immediately. I'll be polite about it though. I'm not a jerk. We need a conservative majority. If not for Iggy, this country would be getting run like a business, the same way Premier Williams runs Newfoundland like a business. And you love Danny. Come on. Admit it. You love his unopposed Conservative rule. Let's have some more of that. Think about these things carefully before you respond to me. I am sharp and perfectly informed on this issue. Please refrain from wasting my time with lieberal one liners. You will be ignored by me forever after you do that; well, after I cut your one liner to pieces and embarrass you severely. Go with God, Jim Post Script "...Hear the trumpets Hear the pipers One hundred million angels singing And the multitudes are marching To the big Kettle Drum..." The man is prepping to come around. I don't know what he wants, but history dictates that it will be aweful and there will be lots and lots of death. We are in Germany. It is 1934. Don't you think keeping your firearm would be smart at this point in time? Am I a little crazy? Yes. Am I more intelligent than you? The numbers say, "probably". The crazy ones always feel the Earth shiver before the quake and the line between insanity and genious is razor-thin.

  • Charles Kennedy
    July 30, 2010 - 12:42

    Good job PJ.I guess they could have ask the question in the next census. "Does it really bother you to fill out this census.?" "If it does what would you suggest as an alternative?"Please answer in two words or less! C, a supporter of goverment doing their job!!!

  • Eugene from Town
    July 27, 2010 - 11:57

    Peter, well said, this is pure ideology and is straight out of the neocon playbook aiming at subverting government's ability to function. Just like Dubya, Harper is on his way to running deficits that are undoing any Liberal belt-tightening and buidling up military expenditures. Effectively tainting reliable data sources by removing the long form will result in government policy decisions being ill-informed at best. And, to boot this all plays very well in Red Deer or any other center of the government-suspecting right wing....you can almost hear it around the Tim's table, "He's ending the long gun registry, and stopping Ottawa snooping into my bedroom, heck, he's got my vote!"