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  • Politically Incorrect
    August 20, 2010 - 09:09

    I agree that eradicating child poverty (a rather meaningless term, as child poverty emanates from adult poverty) is a non-issue with many self-centered and self-satisfied Canadians, and certainly not with this government. It’s not that this is “tantamount to shredding the very fabric of our nice, caring culture.” It’s throwing out the tools that would be useful if we had a government that was serious about building a nice, caring culture. Just because you can't be bothered fixing your car today shouldn't mean that you should throw out your tool box. What Harper and company don't like is that these wicked leftists, activists, academics, and commentators use this information to point to discrepancies between official rhetoric and reality – e.g. poverty (child based or otherwise) or falling crime rates (rather inconvenient when you’re trying to justify building an American-style prison industrial complex.) Secondly, if the Conservatives were so concerned about our privacy, why did they contract out the 2006 census to an American arms manufacturer (the same one from we are buying $18 billion worth of fighter jets); a company that may be obliged to hand over OUR information under the terms of the Patriot Act? This has nothing to do with protecting our privacy. It’s about garnering support by appealing to a reactionary element over what has never been an issue. If the government wants to address something useful how about starting with… “child” poverty?