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  • Eugene from Town
    August 30, 2010 - 07:24

    Danny Speak. Dan says, "We're going to discuss this." Dan means, "I'm going to tell them what they think." Dan says, "Democracy wins." Dan means, "My way or the highway." Dan says, "I'll take no salary." Dan means, "I'll take the salary and write off the contribution of this salary to a foundation of my own invention." Dan says, "That's the cost of being a federation." Dan means, "It's not my money being spent." Dan says, "We need to integrate deaf students." Dan means, "Deaf students don't represent very much of a demographic to worry us should we p%$$ them off."

  • Robin Brentnall
    August 28, 2010 - 10:41

    Bob, the Premier only said that due to the backlash that was witnessed on Openline when Tom Marshall was talking about how much money it would generate and how if we don't do this, people will go online and the money will go to another Atlantic Province. The callers after that were very upset and against it being sponsored under the Province. Then, the Premier goes on a couple days later and denounces online gambling. He only did that to make himself look good. He will quietly encourage all Ministers to vote against him and let people believe he was allowing a "Democratic Vote" to happen, hence, getting online gambling installed and taking all of the presure off himself. We saw that just the other day when he annouced Ottawa was going to pay AbitibiBowater $130 Million. Where was Kathy Dunderdale? Oh right, that was a "Danny Atta-Boy", can't have someone else steal that thunder.