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  • Pierre Neary
    October 22, 2010 - 11:18

    Very thoughtful column. The description of the province living in an illusion is right on the mark. Highest unemployment rate, highest gas tax, the list can go on and on. Fort McMurrary money is keeping allot of rural towns in NL going. I feel the government has made a big deal out of projects such as Long Harbour and Hebron it led to people getting the impression that displaced NL’ers were going to be coming home in droves. This is definitely an illusion and nothing could be farther than the truth. The fact that housing prices went through the roof in NL is another part of the illusion created by this type of incorrect thinking. I have worked in Fort McMurray and seen a worksite there with 10,000 people onsite and the majority of them being NL’ers. That’s enough workers on ONE site for both Long Harbour and Hebron. That’s just one worksite. The pipedream of all NL’ers coming home from Fort McMurray to work home will never happen the way things are going right now. When the rose colored glasses come off and the bubble bursts on this government it isn’t going to pretty. Maybe we could learn a lesson or two from France.