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  • Mr. T
    October 25, 2010 - 09:04

    "Tim Horton's Crowd", wow talk about making a Generalization. Do the "Starbucks Crowd", or the "Office Coffee Pot Crowd" know the real facts? Or maybe the "Home Brewers" are better informed. Or maybe all coffee addicts are gnorant when it come to crime statistics? While under the influence of coffee or not, the one thing I hear clearly on the radio every morning is that armed robberies are increasing, as someone stated earlier. Usually by repeat offenders of another crime. Our justice system is too lenient, it's not 'Just' at all. Even a Tim Horton's customer realizes this.

  • Russell Barth
    October 24, 2010 - 07:29

    To The Editor, RE: Wasting our money? Now that’s a crime Harper is implementing this Mandatory Minimum policy on drug crimes because he wants to increase crime. Why? So that he can justify building a dozen new jails, hiring thousands of more cops, further suppressing civil rights and liberties of regular Canadians, and so he can impose a US-style for-profit prison industrial complex onto Canada. Not only will it cost a fortune and increase crime and the spread of wildly expensive diseases, it will saddle a large chunk of our future work force (mostly men 18-40) with criminal records. That helps our economy how, exactly? This policy has been wildly successful in the US, however; what with more inmates than any country in the history of the world, dramatically increased crime and drug use rates, insurmountable national debt, and a handful of wealthy jailers getting very rich off the taxpayer's dime. This is what Harper has planned for Canada, and there is now no way to stop it. Canada is getting into the US-dominated "Inmate Manufacturing Industry", and your kids are the raw materials. Serves you right for electing these monsters. Russell Barth Federally Licensed Medical Marijuana User Drug Reform Analyst and Consultant Educators for Sensible Drug Policy

  • Esron
    October 24, 2010 - 06:01

    @JAMES Yes, you Tim Hortons types ARE Dumb... so is everybody else. To be smart, as a human is a fallacy, and will be our down fall... We are all idiots, and most of us don't know it.

  • Anon
    October 23, 2010 - 13:54

    6 months mandatory sentence minimum for pot cookies? thats 20 years mandatory minimum in jail for pot cookies. Do you really think that is a criminal offense? Russel Williams barely got that.

  • Jerome
    October 23, 2010 - 13:31

    The crime rate is decreasing. Of that there is no doubt - the statistics show it. What the statistics are not showing is the number of repeat offenders. No, they are not murderers or rapists, but just those who continually hold up gas stations and convenience stores and are put back into society after a brief incarceration. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I’m all for tougher sentences for violent crimes and drunk driving, but not every sentence needs to be increased. There should be emphasis placed on rehabilitation, mental health and programs designed to prevent offenders from reoffending, rather than just “chuck ’em in the slammer and throw away the key.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In my opinion, a violent crime is one where a masked person produces a knife or gun (fake or not) to separate a clerk from the cash register receipts. I'm certain that in Mondays or Tuesdays Telegram (it might even go until Friday) there will be another report of an armed holdup at a gas bar or convenience store. The thing is, when the perpetrator is apprehended, there will also be a breach of probation attached to the charges. Is the justice system dealing with first, second or third time offenders like they should? In our system, we are not chucking them in the slammer and throwing away the key. We are penning them up for a few days or weeks, with no counseling or anything else that might cause them to think twice before committing the same crime that caused them to be jailed in the first place.

  • james
    October 23, 2010 - 10:39

    well pam i guess us tim horton type are just dumb and by the way what is the tim horton type anyone who believes crime is falling better get your head out off the sand

  • james
    October 23, 2010 - 10:37

    well pam i guess us tim horton type are just dumb and by the way what is the tim horton type anyone who believes crime is falling better get your head out off the sand

  • Sean
    October 23, 2010 - 08:09

    Right on Pam!