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  • David
    November 26, 2010 - 11:59

    Profiling for the purpose of indentifying deviant populations is the Science of Hollywood. Essentially, the data base consists of a grab bag of ambiguous traits and characteristics to which algorythms are developed then, compaired statistically against itself until a statistical tendency versus a human tendency is identified namely, regression towards the medium. The operational knowledge base that is distributed as fact to law enforcement is nothing more than statistical science fiction. But, when the fiction, now presented as statistical evidence reinforces a dominant populations prejudices, it trancends prejudice into a lie based on artificial fact all sanctioned by misusing the tools of scientific inquiry. No human being is without prejudice. The acknowledgement of such is nothing less than self-deception. Prejudice yields when we are forced to interact with those we are biased about and in time, stop viewing them primarily as a race or, skin color or ethnicity different than one's own. The danger of profiling populations is, it blinds a societies efforts to become more tolerant and culturally diverse. On a personal level, it serves as a deceptive mask to justify our prejudices under the rubric of fact rather than, self-honesty and willingness to expand our view of individual differences. Profiling has it's place as an aid to be applied in case specific circumstances such as, an aid in generating multiple scenarios in attempting to solve a crime. It was never meant to represent evidence because it is a tool based on inductive rather than deductive reasoning. Taking vague human traits and identifiers and inducing scenarios (possiblilities) and latter turning enough of those inductions (fantasies) into algorythms based on the fantasies themselves is nothing less than government sanctioned bigotry. I recall the most frightening statement made in American politics that I have ever heard in my lifetime; "If you are not with us (if you dicent or disagree), then you are against us (as in you are the enemy as well)." (A rather recent U.S. Attorney General) Prejudice and bigot, not me sir, I'm no terrorist.

  • Chantelle
    November 26, 2010 - 08:05

    WHAT WHAT WHAT?! How far on the right of the political spectrum to you have to be to see Michael Ignatieff as a "left-winger?" Maybe you're thinking of another Michael Ignatieff -- the one who doesn't support Bush’s self-proclaimed 'American exceptionalism,' ‘extraordinary rendition,’ (torture), Israel’s racist domestic policies, and, of course, Canada’s undebated prolonged war in Afghanistan.