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Recent comments

    December 20, 2010 - 23:06

    Leo, could have lashed out at the Police, but he didn't!! He just wanted to get away, and indeed , he got away. Things could have been much different, if he had wanted it to be!!! I hope Leo gets all the help he needs and I commend the RCMP for being ,once again, a professional Police Force, that had their main goal attained - of no one getting hurt!! Were they lucky? You bet your sweet bibby!!

  • jacob
    December 20, 2010 - 15:42

    I hear you guys loud and clear but punks are punks and should be treated accordingly. As for Mr. Crockwell he'll pay a price regardless simply because he made the RCMP look foolish for their overly dramatic antics. The joke they were distractred when someone showed up with a box of Timbits allowing Crockwell to take off is not as foolish as it appears.

  • Anon
    December 19, 2010 - 14:14

    The public will never be convinced of what makes sense when the government lies to them to make money. The prisons are a business and that is why Harper is allowing private companies lucrative contracts to build new prisons while "getting tough on crime" and giving out mandatory minimum sentences for drug charges and more time for crimes that may or may not be violent. There is no getting tough on crime when it's already happened. Prison doesn't solve problems. A thief will steal, go to jail and never get a job again because he went to jail for being a thief. So he'll have to do the same stuff that was the same stuff that got em locked up in the first place. The majority if citizens havn't been to prison and can't therefore expose it as the farce that it is. People go in to prison and come out MORE violent and the crime rates INCREASE. This is supposed to be progress? This is "correction?" Give me a break. Pam Frampton hit the nail on the head but this extends to the entire justice system. Crime must be curved through means other than intimidation and fear. We can start by imprisoning people in drug rehab instead of solitary confinement. Mental hospitals instead of "secure facilities" and treat people like people who made a mistake, not people who are mistakes.

  • Helene Murrin
    December 19, 2010 - 12:50

    Mr Crockwell is a perfect example of what can happen when a person has a mental breakdown due to either depression or associated to other illnesses. I'm not surprised to find out that he at one point in his life, was a sick man and it looks like he never did got the help he should have got, mentally, physically or maybe financially. Let's hope that he will be getting help now and not left rotting in jail like so many have and still do today. Good luck Mr Crockwell in getting the help that you certainly deserve like everyone else who is sick.