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John Gushue
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Word games have been popular for generations, so it makes sense that they’ve migrated to our electronic devices. This week’s serving of digital goodness starts with a game developed here in Newfoundland and Labrador.



“WordUs2” was developed by Binary Dawn, a St. John’s-area outfit that launched the game last fall. If you’ve ever seen Lingo, you’ll get the feel for “WordUs2” right away. The point is to guess the word in a small number of turns, building on what you know (and learn) about which letters are in the word and where they’re placed.

There are four modes to choose from; the “calm and collected” option is nice and relaxing, but may be a bit sedentary for those who want to give their brain a jolt. I prefer the “think fast” setting, even though my heart rate gets a little concerning as the clock ticks down how much time I have to come up with the right answer. You can choose word lengths between five and eight words, to further complicate (or, if you’re gifted with a nice vocabulary, illuminate) the game.

“WordUs2” costs 99 cents. It may not have the sizzle of hotter games for the iPhone or Touch, but it’s a solid app. Fill ’er up. Binary Dawn, incidentally, is also behind another game still in the App Store, “Through to Iota.”

Elsewhere this week

SAT question of the day

For well over a generation, the business of getting kids into college — more specifically, into the SAT-testing end of things — has been a big business indeed. But you don’t have to pay to take the SAT question of the day here on the site. Even if you’re well beyond the age of applications, see how you fare on these teasers; bookmark it for a daily workout for the little grey cells.

Gmail Tips

Millions of people use Google’s gmail — yours truly, included — for handling personal mail. It’s free, easy to use and, best of all, accessible wherever a web connection can be made. This page collects hints and suggestions on how you can get the most out of the service.

Come Together Flash

Maybe it was the 70th anniversary of John Lennon’s birth or the 30th anniversary of his death or the fact that Beatles catalogue finally got added to iTunes, but I noticed this bit of Flash animation was circulating in the last few weeks. “Come Together” is always a great tune to listen to, but here it’s fun to watch, too.

Digs Digs

Digs Digs is about digs — not construction sites, but homes, and particularly the elements that make a home unique. The blog focuses especially on unusual furniture; it’s one of the places I like to check out every now and again, sometimes for an unconventional idea, but more often just for the sheer entertainment value.

Red Nose Day

In March, the cream of British comedy will put off one of the latest iteration of one of the great fundraising campaigns of modern times.

Red Nose Day, unfortunately, is not that big a deal on this side of the Atlantic, which is a shame, although we have the benefit of being able to watch clips on YouTube.

You can wait a couple of months or so to see the new stuff, but the older bits are just sitting there now, waiting for you. (Check out if you’d like to learn more about how Richard Curtis and friends have done so much since the 1980s.)

John Gushue is an editor with CBC News in St. John’s.

Tumblr: Twitter: @johngushue.

Organizations: App Store, Google, Beatles CBC News

Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador

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