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Recent comments

  • S
    February 04, 2011 - 12:31

    We should never make the mistake of thinking of the NLTA as professional association. First and foremost they are a union, that is their first instinct and what motivates their decisions and actions.

  • b
    February 04, 2011 - 09:01

    If teachers are having trouble getting positions now, how bad will it be when the school board wipes out most of the schools in the middle of St. John's? Kids will be crowded into fewer schools, and I'd find it really hard to believe they wouldn't cut back on the number of teachers when they can just cram more children into each class.

  • mj
    February 04, 2011 - 07:50

    Like i said last week, MUN is turning out too many teachers if they all expect to work in NL, St. Johns' specifically! If you have a real desire to teach, you can teach anywhere. But if the young ones going in want to teach here, they should do more research on the availability of jobs. Our birthrate is failing and our finances are on a down slide. Why should older teachers move over just because younger ones are on the scene?