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Recent comments

  • Bob
    February 21, 2011 - 06:14

    Private contractors have equipment that is more maneuverable than than a plow attached to a truckload of sand. Does city hall employ contractors during snowstorms or is snowclearing the private domain of unionized city workers?

  • Anon
    February 21, 2011 - 00:25

    safety issues don't matter until toddlers, infants or children get killed. Once the media makes it all about the children, the problem is dealt with. How do you think they managed to keep booze and cigarettes legal and weed illegal all these years? They make it about children instead of common sense.

  • Doyourhomework
    February 20, 2011 - 20:52

    This is the kind of shoddy journalism that makes me not want to buy the Telegram. How about painting the whole picture Pam, not just the pieces that suit your column! London, Ontario has the SECOND HIGHEST PROPERTY TAXES in the country!! And how do I know that, I used to live there. Residents there pay $800 more on average than residents in St. John's. That'll buy a lot of snowclearing. In fact I think the City should increase everyone's taxes $800 and tell everyone it was your bright idea! And by the way, London, Ontario has in the past two months gotten about a third to a quarter of the snow we've had. It's a lot easier to make promises when you don't live in the middle of the Atlantic. I'm not saying anything about the snowclearing here, we'd all like to see every street cleared immediately, but get real, that costs money, money Newfoundlanders aren't willing to pay. You complain about the taxes, then you complain cause you want the services, give me everything, but don't make me pay for any of it. Trust me, if City Hall set us all up with the same taxes, fees and what-not that everyone in London, Ontario pays you'd be back in here complaining again. It's a no-win situation really. So if you want to compare us to other cities, compare apples to apples, do the whole picture not just a teenie weenie bit of the story. And kudos to giving the drunk driver a pass, I'm sure drunk drivers all over the province are glad you're on their side giving them another excuse for their ignorant behaviour.

  • mary
    February 20, 2011 - 11:33

    Was the sidewalk where that horrific accident occurred ever cleared. I've walked along there and it sure has never been cleared in my opinion. I commented elsewhere that St. John's could be a healthy and environmentally friendly city if the snowclearing was improved and sidewalks properly cleaned. People would be more inclined to go out, to walk, to be active if they could get around more easily. With the high rates of obesity and heart disease in NL all communities need to step up and get with the program. St. John's needs to take some pretty big steps in my view. Clean all the sidewalks, make them walkable, make them accessable.

  • Bob
    February 19, 2011 - 08:19

    Pam, the garcons and garconettes at City Hall will never get the message. They all raise the issue at election time and they know that gets votes. That's where it dies.