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  • Ursula Dowler
    March 13, 2011 - 09:45

    With all due respect Ms. Payne , had you written the same article describing the politicial system here in NL. , I and others would have given it some credence . Until we clean our own house , there is no way that we can expect the politics of this country to change . Virtually everything that you have said here applies to what is going on under our very noses , and until we as a people can trust our own instincts , to do what is best for us , there is little hope that we will have any control over what goes on in the rest of the country . Senator Ruth is not the only one advocating "shutting up ", we have journalists on the west coast , handing out the very same advice.

  • pat
    March 12, 2011 - 15:31

    The people of Canada have been misled BY the MEDIA since before the 2006 election.. CTV,and CBC and print media and radio gave Harper a pass in 2005. They were all extremely rude & hostile To Paul Martin and the Liberals (not fair and balanced) and it has continued ever since. They gave away Millions of dollars for free unfair & unjust attack ads on Stephan Dion. Why didn't they have the guts to to say they won't be part of this garbage misrepresentation to subvert our Democracy. No, they aided and abetted our spiral down to almost a dictatorship. It is the MEDIA that is ruining our democracy. Did they once correct Harper about his blatant lies? Did one of them ever say a coalition is NOT a Coup? The Media left the ignorant people, ignorant on purpose. There were some Professors that tried to tell us. They spoke out the truth and the Media sidelined them. The Media is all big business all the time and NOT in it for Canadians. Ask Kady O'Malley CBC : The House Mar.12/11

  • Hal
    March 12, 2011 - 11:10

    Well written article , my only disagreement would be that the Canadian electorate is not nearly as smart or informed as you might think. The Brookings Institutes last study on voters shows how most people vote against their own best interests due to the fact that they actually believe in all the noise and propaganda they are been fed. Unfortunately most Canadians like Americans are so busy trying to make a living and raising their families , that they basically vote " blind faith " instead of looking at the policies of the parties.