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  • Michael Posluns
    April 09, 2011 - 23:08

    I agree with all your other criticisms of Stephen Harper but not on the facts of his appointing Senators after promising to do otherwise. Many prime ministers have postponed making Senate appointments and each one has put himself at the disadvantage of lacking adequate represenation for his government in the Senate. This is particularly the case when the Government lacks a majority and the Conservative Senators are amongst the oldest and therefore are retiring at a higher rate. My strongest objection to Harper's way of operating is that he has acted as though the Constitution can be taken or left according to his own preferences rather than it being a description of the "machinery of government." The fact is that the only way to get legislation passed and to have his party's views adequately represented was to make appointments. I don't much care for many of his choices. Gerstein and the other senator charged with fraud should be barred from entering the Senate much as Raymond Lavigne was. But if he would make more competent appointments I would have no fault to find in the fact that he made the appointments.

    • Taxpayer
      April 11, 2011 - 12:29

      For our system to work properly The Senate should not be stacked by parties either Con or Lib so that they can get there Legislation passed. It is the House of Sober Second Thought. Unfortuninately very few Canadians were taught or understand this concept. This comes from Canadians having a very poor level of education, especially Steve Harper and the touted intelligent media. I would hope that if The Senate were run properly, then if, as has happened in a number other countries in the world recently someone objectionable were elected with truth undemocratic intentions, there would be a counter to that governments dictatorial rule. It would be the only protection be would have and should be designed into any system.

  • Maurice E. Adams
    April 09, 2011 - 17:33

    The Conservative Party has even dragged the RCMP into its wrongdoing. Jack boot politics at its best.

  • Too Funny
    April 09, 2011 - 07:03

    People don't seem to be asking 'what's wrong with Iggy?' Given Harper's record and the constantly bashing of him in the media, much of it well deserved, the polls still show him the preferred choice over Iggy. So what's wrong with Iggy, Do people not trust him or maybe dislike him. I dunno, it's weird, maybe people just don't care.