An open and shut case

Dale Jarvis
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In 2005, a woman named Noelle and her family were living in a house in Grand Falls-Windsor.

“It was a bungalow with two apartments underneath,” says Noelle. “We were renting the top part of the house. It had a front entrance; when you went in the front entrance, it led you to a small porch, then to the left was a living room and to the right was the kitchen.

“From the kitchen you could go straight and off to the right there was a little dining area, and if you continued down the hall there were the three bedrooms.”

The woman’s uncle and cousins had lived in the house previously. As a result, Noelle was familiar with the property, and had never felt entirely comfortable in the building.

“Even when I just went over there to visit, I got a very ‘off’ feeling about the house,” she says. “So I already knew how the house felt. But when we moved in, I felt very uneasy. Always felt like something was in there with me all the time, even when I was alone.”

From the first day she moved into the house, Noelle knew something was not right.

“There were certain times of the day where I’d be just in my room, and the temperature would feel like it dropped significantly,” she says. “The house, to sum it up, was creepy.”

Once in the house, strange things started to happen. People would hear the floors creaking as if someone was walking, when there were no other people in the house. Cupboard doors would be heard to slam, and shadows would be seen out of the corner of the eye.

“I would hear whispers when there was no one there,” Noelle relates. “My dog wouldn’t leave my side. I would be in the bathroom and she’d stay outside the door as if she was guarding me. During the night she’d growl for no reason at what seemed to be nothing at all.”

One instance in particular stands out in Noelle’s memory.

“Me and my friend were home all by ourselves in the house,” she says.

“It was in the morning. We just woke up and I decided to go to the kitchen to make us breakfast. My room was straight down the hall from the kitchen. I kept the door opened.

While I was stirring the French toast mix, I heard a door slam; it wasn’t a slow closing of the door, it was slammed with impressive force.”

The woman turned around to see that the door to her room was shut.

“I knew my friend was in there, so I ran to the room,” she remembers. “When I opened my door, my friend was on the bed in the exact place when I left, but she was curled up in a ball and on the verge of tears. I asked her what happened, figuring she accidentally slammed the door, and she told me that she was just sitting on the bed when all of a sudden the door slammed right in front of her.”

The friend swore she had not closed the door.

“By the sheer terror I saw in her face, I knew she didn’t,” says Noelle.

The women checked to see if the bedroom window was open knowing that the wind might have slammed it shut, but it was closed. Then Noelle checked around the house to see if any other windows or doors were open, but everything was closed.

“There was absolutely no possibility that the wind blew it shut,” she insists.

After all these strange things started to happen, Noelle did some research about the house in which she was living. What she found was startling, but it gave some clues to the strange happenings.

“Apparently, a previous tenant, who owned the house a long time ago, hung himself down in the basement,” she says.

“So then I was almost sure he was probably the one who was haunting the house.”

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Geographic location: Grand Falls-Windsor

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