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  • Herb Morrison
    April 24, 2011 - 07:18

    As I watch Watching the likes of Harper, Ignatieff, and Layton strut their stuff on the political stage, during the current election campaign, it will be n mystery to me if the voter apathy, demonstrated by the significant numbers of Canadians who didn't execerise their right to vote in the last Federal Electionn, was to be a factor when the votes are tallied this time around on election day. I expressed the viewpoint in this media on another occasion that choosing among Harper, Ignatieff, or Laytron, to be Prime Minister, is a choice between tweedle dee and tweedle dum. The three afore-mentioned leaders lack the kind of public appeal that politicians such as Pierre Trudeau, Joey Smallwood, Danny Williams demonsatrated. Regardless of whethert or not you loved these men or hated the ground they walked on, they were whio and what they were. What you saw is what you got. I believe autthenticity aptly describes Pierre, Joey, and Danny. Harper, Ignatieff, and Laytonthe politicians, are nothing more than the creations of some perhaps overpaid public relations gru. From the carefully staged photo opts to their feeble attemps to be everyones best friend, its so phony.. I already posted these comments in response to an article written by Mr. Brian Jones, however, my comments are even more relevant to Ms. Frampton's. Well said Pam.

  • mary
    April 23, 2011 - 12:25

    The attack ads, unfortunately, work to a degree. These ads which use misinformation/misquotes to help instill fear seem to evenutally have an effect. That is why there are still those who vote for the CONS. Plus, there are those for whom bullying is appealing, they get a kick out of it and that group will go for the CONS. It is unfortunate that both the Liberals and the NDP have resorted to attack ads also. This, in the end, will be the legacy of Harper - he brought American style dirty politics to Canada, a type of politics that lacks substance. Harper loves America more than Ignatieff ever has or will

  • Taxpayer
    April 23, 2011 - 10:35

    I am a bit leary of the Vote Compass. Who if anyone knows the criteria on which it makes assumptions about the parties. I answered the questions using an assumed bias. So on the first question, I believe it was, they asked how I felt about fiscal policy.I said strongly agree and then answered middle of the road to the remaining questions. The result was Liberal party. It seems that fiscal policy is the home ground of the Conservatives. It is also worrying that on last nights news CBC stated that they were tabulating all the answers to make assumptions about the Canadian voter. Given that voters were not told the tool was to be used for this purpose I have to wonder about the motives of the CBC.

  • Gerry
    April 23, 2011 - 08:38

    The ads really mean nothing. Most people have made up their minds a long time ago as to how they will vote, if they vote, and that's probably why Harps is well ahead of Iggy in the polls. With all the mess the Tories have made they are still the preferred choice of the public. Either the people don't care or they trust Iggy even less than Harps. If true then I believe this election will see the lowest voter turnout in history.