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  • Ursula Dowler
    May 07, 2011 - 13:45

    Main stream religions are finding that they are loosing their grip on their congregations and more and more people have drifted away , maybe not to another religion , but, possibly to what can be called the “new religion” GREED . This move to the secular religion of consumerism is fairly new to Canada . A fundamental difference between Canada and the US is that the American economic system embraces the tenets of Puritanism , in short belief in a system where the wealthier one is, the more favorable one is in God’s eyes. Canadians are catching on fast , as more and more of us are worshipping at the altar of consumerism . The more we acquire , the more anxious we become and when governments tell us that their plan is to help us become richer , then that becomes the mantra for giving governments a majority mandate . Recent polls have found that Canadians have given Harper a “stable government” , in order to grow our economy . Growing the economy means more wealth , hence the “greed” . We have given the Harper government carte blanche to act on our behalf , the question that remains is , will he look after the interests of the country as a whole , or will he be willing to sell out to the big business lobbyists ? If it is true that we are selling our vote , then what kind of a return are we willing to accept ?