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Recent comments

  • Bob
    June 18, 2011 - 13:03

    Private Members' Bills go directly nowhere! Ryan knows that but it'll increase his poll numbers. Just ask Jack Harris.

  • Cyril Rogers
    June 17, 2011 - 15:35

    Brian....no accountant in his or her right mind can make sense of the Muskrat Falls deal because it simply does not make sense, period! Until somebody who is truly independent and in possession of all the facts can sort through these numbers, I remain skeptical of the so-called benefits. In fact, I fear we are heading for a lose-lose propostion --higher power costs and an annual subsidy to people in Nova Scotia and elsewhere. It will bankrupt us if we do the deal as proposed!

  • Maurice E. Adams
    June 17, 2011 - 08:36

    Brian, I think your comment on the fishery is right on the money. That's why, at least in part, a large part of the focus if we are to move the fishery forward, is to have much, much greater support for the inshore/nearshore versus the high tech offshore sector. But so far, even with the MOU, the push has been to 'rationalize/downsize' the wrong sector ---- the MOU was and is all about cutting back instead of growing the inshore/nearshore sector. Newfoundlanders and Labradorians must speak up more on that. ---------- With respect to Muskrat Falls, to say "supposedly benefit" is being generous to a fault. We cannot afford to make a mistake on Muskrat Falls. Maurice E. Adams, Paradise