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Recent comments

  • Bob
    August 06, 2011 - 19:09

    I suggested to the provincial pensioners association they recommend to their members and those coming down the line to vote against the incumbent member because of Williams "no adjustment on my watch". They were more interested in the number of meetings they held with this or that minister than taking action. The members don't have sense to do it on their own.

  • Cyril Rogers
    August 06, 2011 - 15:01

    The Liberals have been out of power for 8 years and this is a new policy direction based, one would guess, on the assumption that we, as a province, have more dollars to spend on the elderly than when they were in power previously. As well, Mr. wakeham, we are all 8 years older than in 2003 and the aging demographic is upon us like never before! I like the fact that a formal seniors' platform is now part of Liberal policy initiatives. If they were to gain power and renege on their promises, someone else can use it because there a lot of good ideas there, although not quite specific enough for me. The point is: we need these programs and it is incumbent on all political parties to recognize that seniors' needs will become paramount in the coming decade or two. I understand your cynicism but the fact remains that the dialogue is necessary.

  • how true
    August 06, 2011 - 12:56

    If they really cared about our seniors they (Libs) would put policy in place so our seniors can afford to hear thier homes in the winter, instead of having to hang out in the local mall during the day just to stay warm... Senoirs want to stay in their own homes - not be shipped off to a personal care home!