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Recent comments

  • Gerry
    August 07, 2011 - 09:48

    All the city has to is require that rental properties, in residential areas, be owner occupied. Otherwise this ia a commercial property.

  • mary
    August 06, 2011 - 16:49

    This lady has created fear in her own life by focusing so much on her neighbour and what might happen. I lock my door if I am outside doing something and I don't have a drug dealing next door neighbour that I know of. Someone can scope my house just as easily as they can scope out this lady's house. Someone can choose to break into my house just as easily as this lady's house. I, however, do not sleep with a knife beside me. There is a need to be aware, however, when that awareness develops into imagined fear the person has created their own hell. "oh no, another car, what is going to happen, are they coming to my door, are they going next door..." Maybe the car just drives on by because the driver is going to the grocery store or picking up a friend on the next street and all the imagined fear is for naught.

  • W Baggs
    August 06, 2011 - 07:21

    same thing on my street, across the street, a tenant in a rental is dealing weed............dozens of cars dropping by daily for a few minutes, with a passengers sometimes sitting in the car waiting.................I mentioned it to a RNC officer I know personally, he suggested reporting it on-line to Crime Stoppers. I guess it isn't a big deal to him or the RNC. It's all you can do, move, sell your home, hope your new home has no dealers near by and forget about whoever gets your problem and old house.