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  • Carl
    August 22, 2011 - 13:49

    The main thing holding women back in Canadian politics today is not how people see them, but their own apprehensions about how people see them. Lorraine Michael is dead wrong if she thinks anyone views her (or Kathy Dunderdale, Judy Foote, Siobhan Coady or any other political woman I can think of) as a sexual object. I certainly don't notice what suits they wear from one day to the next. Perhaps other women talk about what female politicians wear (although I have never overheard such talk), but the men I know certainly do not. I care far more about what their lips are saying than whether or not they wear lipstick. I believe most voters feel the same way. So if these female politicians feel that they are not fully accepted or highly respected, then perhaps they should look at their policies and professional performance.

  • Olga
    August 20, 2011 - 07:43

    I consider myself a bona fide feminist. I deserve the same rights as any man. But an awful lot of women need to do away with the clique mentality and learn to adopt a more professional attitude. Nothing against Ms. Michael personally, but a tendency to "collaborate and try to build consensus" is really just codespeak for being too timid to take a firm stance. Give me a politician (or anyone for that matter) who is capable of thinking for himself/herself and is also able to be respectful of the opinions of others.