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Recent comments

  • NDPer
    August 28, 2011 - 08:54

    This nonsense story about Jack living in "subsidized housing" is often referred to as the "Co-op Housing Smear". Any thinking person knows that co-op housing includes people of various incomes (that's part of the point), with some people paying the full rent and others not. Jack was not doing anything wrong then, but in death he still being smeared.

  • Politically Incorrect
    August 27, 2011 - 11:31

    They were not caught red handed. It was a non-story in the Toronto Star. Simply put, they lived in a co-op complex where they were paying market rent based on their income. They were not being subsidized. Get your facts straight. BTW, he died from cancer (I think there might have been an article or two about it in the news). Why are you so concerned?

  • Rhea
    August 27, 2011 - 09:04

    By all accounts, Jack did a lot of good, but he and his wife were caught red- handed in 1985 living in subsidized housing in Toronto. At the time, they were raking in a combinated $120,000 per year - in 1985 dollars!!!!. And on a separate note, perhaps it's really none of my business, but I'd really like to know exactly what he died from.