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Recent comments

  • Herb Morrison
    September 05, 2011 - 17:50

    Russell. The only thing that is difficult to understand within the context of the Provincial Government’s breaking open their piggy bank, is the reaction coming from columnists, other media commentators, and some members of the general public and people in general. It’s an election year. The dropping of the writ marking the official start of campaigning is only days away. Historically, t’is the appointed time for the Governing party to start making funding announcements. Well, duh!! Whether its’ a Federal or Provincial Election, irregardless of the political stripe of the Governing Party, the political game is being played out as it has always been. Any expressions shock or disbelief are as phoney as many of the promises which will be made Candidates of all Parties, as they attempt to attract votes during the campaign. The fact that The P.C.’ s have a lot more pork to distribute then some previous Governments is the only thing that is unique within the context of this situation. Politics and righteous indignation do indeed make strange bedfellows.

    • W McLean
      September 06, 2011 - 00:17

      Herb, it has already been very well documented that this year's ''breaking open" of the piggy bank has been without precedent. Read the last few days' worth of the paper. Read.

  • Cyril Rogers
    September 04, 2011 - 20:20

    Stanley.... The newspapers have a duty and obligation to report on political porkbarrelling and Kathy and company have done it in spades this time. Their announcements overwhelm any previous funding announcements by the PC's over the past 7 years and if you look at Friday's paper, these numbers are posted. They are so out-of-whack as to be almost obscene. When supporters try to defend gross excesses, a party is in trouble, either now or the next time around.

  • Harvey
    September 04, 2011 - 10:45

    If they committed 5 months ago, why did they not announce 5 months ago? It's always been this way...only this time the smell reeks.!!!Ms Dunderdle, ALL OF US ARE NOT STUPID!!!

  • Sheldon
    September 04, 2011 - 09:23

    Carl, see this past friday's telegram editorial for your answer.

  • Carl
    September 03, 2011 - 12:06

    If Wangersky wants to argue that the recent funding announcements are abnormal, then he should provide some facts to support that argument. I would like to see a comparison between the number of announcements and the total amount of money being announced this year versus non-election years. Maybe this year's trend is abnormal, or maybe it is perfectly normal as the Premier says. Either way, it should be easy to prove. Is anyone at the Telegram up to the task of finding out the facts and reporting them?

  • stanley
    September 03, 2011 - 10:19

    Suprise! Another column by ranger bashing politicians. Someone must have accidentally hit the repeat button. I mean, give me a break. They are announcing money that was announced 5 months ago. By Russell's logic, any dollar spent ever in government is technically buying votes with taxpayer money. Now, if people were saying "if you elect us, we'll spend money for you here or there", then that's porkbarrell politics. Simply announcing money they've already committed to spending?? You're reaching russell.

    • Demand better
      September 06, 2011 - 09:25

      As the commentary says, they are announcing projects that have nothing to do with the budget as they are future commitments. So you can be as deluded or disingenuous as the politicians, however, it is clear that this is all about 'vote buying' with your/our money. Has it always been played this way. Yes. Should we stand for it. No! Tell us what the priorities were when you cam into power, show me tangible measures against those priorities, don't tell me that you have/or are going to spend more money.