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  • Cyril Rogers
    October 15, 2011 - 14:24

    Mr. Johansen...your dilemma was shared by many people in the province this past week. The polls didn't help and many were having a difficult time knowing how to vote in a stategic way. It was obvious that quite a few seats were up for grabs, despite the favourable polling for the PC's but, like you, many people did not want to vote in such a way as to allow the PC's to go up the middle. In fact they did, in several districts, and the outcome could have been much closer were it not for that fact. Granted, they also lost a couple of seats due to the split but I would submit that these seasts would have gone Liberal or NDP anyway, if a run-off vote were permitted. This brings me to the issue of electoral reform. Given that the Tories won 77% of the seats with only 56% of the popular vote on their side, we must advocate for some type of reform. They got the actual support of roughly 30% of the actual eligible voters and that makes the outcome all the more unfair. With the cavalier attitude toward democracy shown by Ms Dunderdale after the election, it is evident that democracy was not well-served in this instance. With a critical decision like Muskrat Falls left to a dictatorial party like the Tories we will be in serious financial trouble if they plough ahead. In deference to your concerns, I am also feeling more and more unhappy with the damming of that beautiful river. Other more-environmentally benign options are available at far less cost and with a greener outcome.