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  • Scott Free
    October 17, 2011 - 11:41

    A total lack of accountability is a hallmark of that secret society known as the PC Party of NL; Premier Stunderdale learned well from her mentor, King Dan; he didn't want to be questioned about anything and threw a hissy fit if anyone had the audacity to question him. Same can be said for their Federal cousins, the Tories, or are they the Con Party now; or the Alliance, or, Reforms?

  • Cyril Rogers
    October 16, 2011 - 13:21

    Mr. Wangersky...you are correct in that all of the parties have egg on their faces when it comes to accountability but the PC's are THE governing party and need to be held accountable for their inepitude and their obvious fear of reopening the House of Assembly. That act, in and of itself, should spark an unrelenting media response but I am very disappointed in the overall attitude of the St. John's media. I am not saying they are in bed with the Tories but they certainly have some way to go before they actually stand up to this government. From the early days of Danny's ascendancy to the throne, it has been obvious that the media have mostly tiptoed around the issues. Those who did either lost their voice or got shut down! Coincidence? Hardly! Did they fear the negative consequences of opposing the anointed one? Why now? Who do they fear at this point? The media have not been totally negligent in criticising the PC's but have been far more willing to attack the Opposition Parties, not without merit, but certainly not with the same vigor, when it comes to the Tories. Simply look at the actual numbers, in terms of votes cast, the actual level of support for the Tories, the number of people who did not even vote, and you have a crisis in our democracy. Ask yourselves why? Do you blame the opposition for that? They share some of the blame, to be sure, but the party in power has thrown up enormous roadblocks to democracy and they don't need a tentative media cheering them on. Next time you criticize the government, give the oppsoition a little reprieve, and focus on the party with the sheer numbers in the House and who, therefore, can actually do something about it!

  • Fintip
    October 15, 2011 - 13:59

    I believe that Dunderdale and her party were easily the best of the alternatives on offer. But I did not vote Tory. It is no reflection on the Tory candidate who, to the surprise of many, was not elected. My motivation was straightforward. Firstly I believe in the dictum that good opposition makes good government. Indeed there is something disturbing about the modern day view of opposition parties as the losers. Secondly I have long believed that the arrogance of governments is directly proportional to the size of their majorities. Modest majorities and especially minorities not only keep them humble but focused. It is not that I see Dunderdale as arrogant – quite the contrary - but only time will tell how she and her government handle their new found power. In particular, I am waiting to see how she deals with the Muskrat file. My hope is that she will see her new political security as an opportunity to revisit the basic assumptions, alternatives and potential pitfalls of the project. My fear is that she may see in the vote something that was not there - widespread public support for the largest public expenditure in our history. The latter interpretation would signal that the seeds of arrogance have already been sowed. Elsewhere in her government are more ominous signs of that arrogance. I am referring to the ungracious, ill-tempered post-election comments attributed to two Tory ministers intent, it seems, on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. In true Smallwoodian fashion, it was in the nature of a warning if not threat to anyone who found guilty of having aided or abetted their political foes (in fairness Smallwood's threats usually came during - not after the election). Never mind that this real or imagined support for the enemy might have come from individuals who themselves were elected to some office or other (and who might therefore have been representing the interests of their own constituents), the two ministers obviously believe it is their royal prerogative to decide who shall be heard on matters of public interest and who shall not. I had thought that on sober reflection (and a kick up the keister rom their leader) they might have apologized by now. It seems not. Can the slippery slope be far off?

  • Shannon Reardon
    October 15, 2011 - 13:44

    Ultimate act of accountability? Opening the people's legislature. They are not doing this, so they fail. Big time.

  • A Plebisite should be held on Muskrat Falls
    October 15, 2011 - 12:45

    Premier Dunderdale should be put in her place and told that a vote on the Muskrat Falls Project has to be held, not only in the House of Assembly but in the whole province. The electorate of Newfoundland and Labrador should be given the right to vote on the Muskrat Falls Project, a Project, it seems, that is going to bring many years of economic hardships to our province before it will turn into a welcomed Project. In the meantime Nova Scotia and New Brunswick will see the benefits, not only from the development of the Project, but immediately from the energy that is produced. Premier Dunderdale should be making sure through a Plebisite that the people of our province want this deal . She could have done that through the general election that was just held, but, of course, that was too risky for her. Our province should receive economic benefits not only from the development of the project, but immediately at the point of sale of the hydroelectric energy to Nova Scotia and whichever other entity will be the customer. Do what is right Premier Dunderdale and put a vote to the entire population of our province. IT IS THE DEMOCRATIC THING TO DO. What we are being offered with the Premier's suggestion of a Debate in the House with No vote to the MHAs or the electorate is DICTATORIAL. It is the doings of a Dictator, our resource developments down through the years have been overseen by Dictators and not nice and humane politicians, who had their province and their subjects in mind to receive the good economics that were produced for the other areas. Sorry for my thoughts but they are the truth, the Carbon Footprints of our resource development is still as evident as the nose on our face.