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Recent comments

  • Gord
    October 26, 2011 - 08:31

    Yawn, my oh my, the Telegram Writers are at it again. Bob Wakeman states, "Danny Could pull it off, but, Kathy can't". I have news for Bob, KATHY JUST DID. You're wrong, just like the rest of the whining left wing media in this province. Do a better job of writing, will ya?

  • Cyril Rogers
    October 23, 2011 - 16:01

    John---are you suggesting the government picked a bunch of uneducated boobs from armpit cove to do the environmental assessment? It seems like these folks had a number of concerns with how NALCOR had arrived at its own conclusions. They had clear issues with NALCOR's lack of information as to the viability of other options. Oh, but they disagreed with the government and that was simply too inconvenient so the government dismissed their concerns out of hand. Maybe, just maybe, there are some legitimate concerns that neither the government nor NALCOR have addressed.

  • John Smith
    October 23, 2011 - 09:28

    Bob, I'm a rational Newfoundlander, and I don't want a bunch of uneducated boobs from the backwoods voting on a project of this scale. Most of those elected to the house can barely read, let alone make a cogent decision on a multi-billion dollar energy project. Leave that to the experts. The well educated, well paid people of Nalcor, or Navigant, or the PUB or the Federal government, perhaps. But the boobs from armpit cove...no thanks. Oh, and to compare Mr. Williams to Fidel Castro is so childish, like what they do on the elementary school yards, but hey, that also reflects your writing ability. Muskrat falls is the lowest cost source of power for our province, and no naysayer can argue with that. There has yet to be one viable alternative brought foreward. Know why? Because there isn't one. Let's get on with the project.

  • Cyril Rogers
    October 22, 2011 - 15:46

    I see you have finally awoken from your stupor, Mr. Wakeham! You didn't see this coming? Surely, Ms Dunderdale's attitude, her silence on matters of importance, her condescending tone, her trite responses when the House was open last spring for a few weeks, should have prepared you for the result we now see before us. Her inabilities and lack of action were largely ignored by the St. John's media prior to and during the election. Sure, it's easy to pick pn Kevin Aylward and the Liberals---you know, kick 'em while they're down--but you folks have been too fawning over the Tories for several years now. You did allude to Danny's intimidating personality and his mystique must still be hanging around the cubicles in the newspaper business, as you let Ms Dunderdale off the hook way too much. Her inaction and lack of understanding of much that is of crucial importance will produce significant problems for the province if the media don't wake up and do their due diligence. After all, there is no real Official Opposition, according to you! Heaven help us if you let us down!