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    October 29, 2011 - 20:47

    Well said Pam, and there is more concerning this as well. The current old school is currently being used as a hang out for partying youth complete with booze, drugs, and sexual activity, just ask the town's enforcement officers. There is a far greater risk to the residents for violence, vandalism and other criminal activity than there could ever be from the proposed use, yet they do not complain about that. There is a far greater risk for property devaluation from a dangerous unused building than from a used one, right down to the fire hazard. The comments made against this are ignorant, prejudiced and hateful, nothing more. I bet if people came forward, there would be more folks around them with some form of mental disability than would be housed in the facitity, probably including on town staff. Yet they do not promote violence or anything like these youth are being accused of bringing to the neighborhood. Many people suffer some form of mental illness in their life, from depression on, but there is no danger from it to anyone. Maybe one or two live close by, maybe they BBQ with those nay sayers without it even being evident. It's time people woke up to the nature of humanity and stopped the NIMBY attitude, and give a little kindness. I also wonder how many go to church and claim to be Christian.