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  • Peter
    November 08, 2011 - 18:15

    Well written text. Always timely to predict the inevitable, although the inevitable NL winter is always unpredictable. Some other peculiar local trivia about the Juniper/Tamarack: Winter is the time that wooden boats were constructed or the raw logs for such a project gathered. Juniper was the material of choice for ribs and laths. [Pity that the price of energy is such that its value as a fuel is greater than its value as a material. ]The choice tree was one with no knots at least five feet from the roots. Also peculiar to the Avalon the prevailing wind were blamed for having the tree tip point east/ north east. Good for estimating orientation on a foggy day on the barrens, and it omniously points to where some of the most severe winter storm winds will come from.[http://www.nr.gov.nl.ca/nr/forestry/forest/treespecies/tamarack.html]. Clever composition strategy...... bring to mind the chill of winter at the same time reminding the reader that the herald of the cold (yellow needles) provides some comfort from it last years juniper firewood) - lol. The Chestnuts and Birches seem to compete to be the first to turn in the autumn, the Juniper is the holdout, all hardwoods but the latter's perserverence makes it the toughest in many ways?......brrrrrr....