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  • Corey
    November 26, 2011 - 20:24

    The game itself IS better to watch; just because we aren't seeing the 'high-scoring' days of the Oilers or the 'firewagon' hockey of the '70s Montreal Canadiens, does that mean the game today isn't as good? No. Granted, there are many issues surrounding hockey nowadays for sure. Still, it's not as if people should react like there's a crisis in hockey, because there isn't a crisis. Defense & coaching are important today, as is scoring. This isn't the '80s anymore & we need to accept that. It's 2011, & it's a different landscape in hockey. Time to accept that & move on. Hockey is still a great sport. We should try & actually enjoy & embrace the sport still. Can we actually do that for a change instead of constantly finding a reason to criticize the sport all the time?