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  • Cyril Rogers
    December 27, 2011 - 11:45

    Mr. Wangersky, I heartily agree with your sentiments on these issues but fully expect Ms Dunderdale to cheerfully ignore all of them. They just don't fit with the PC government's perception of what is good for the province. They foolishly think that getting somewhere around 33% of the eligible voters to cast their ballots for the PC's gives them a divine right to rule. That the results translated into a huge Tory majority is the only aspect of this pitiful electoral process that one can't argue with, but it simply highlights the deparate need for electoral reform in this province and, indeed, in this country. Where are the statesmen or women who will look at this deeply flawed system and have the intestinal fortitude to say: this process is wrong and needs to be changed? Who will show the courage of a Michail Gorbachov or a Lech Walensa? Sad, isn't it, that we, in so-called democratic countries, don't produce those kinds of leaders anymore. The only heroes of democratic reform nowadays are emerging out of countries that have not known any. We, on the other hand, are letting petty tyrants deprive our democratic institutions of any real people power and entrusting it to the ruling elites. I would hope that more and more people in this province will resolve to not sit back and allow this process to continue, but will get involved and oppose this trend.