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  • Amazed
    January 16, 2012 - 00:53

    Phelan, it's people like you who are the reason the RC church is still no further ahead even after all the sexual abuse against children by priests and christian brothers in this province and around the world. You mention a concern for the children victims only in passing, just as the RC church has done over the years, preferring to spend trusting parishioners' money to defend these criminals to the end, and take care of them, while putting road block after road block in the way of victims receiving compensation causing them to relive the hurt and have little chance of getting any kind of closure. You say the church should fund a "scholarship for police officers or social workers!" Man, are you for real!! Forget the victims again, hey Phelan? These cops and social workers are professionals who are already trained to deal with these crimes. Good hard working Catholic people who want to continue in the Catholic faith deserve no more than a church that totally condemns the action of these sick criminals, makes a real and sincere effort to put the victims first, and makes "drastic" changes in the church such as full, detailed and complete screening of potential priests to allow good people, those who have desires to marry and/or have a family and family values, to become priests. Phelan, it's people like you who still like to hear some little kid being told a priest is like God that prevents the change that is needed, and that turns the stomachs of the rest of us. You say Lahey is a good person whose done bad things, and that you will forgive him. Phelan, you have no idea what these children have gone through, you really, really, really don't. You seem to indicate Lahey was a victim himself of an existing child pornography market. Wow. If you were any kind of journalist, you'd know he could only be charged in Canada with the possession of those pictures and videos. He couldn't be charged in this country for anything he was doing to anyone in those other countries. Why do you think he was going to those other countries? You can't be that stunned . . . can you?