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  • ....of mice or men
    February 03, 2012 - 13:25

    The (An) Infrastructure Strategy should mean more than the fact that the gov. spends money on infrastructure - that they would have to do anyway. A strategy to accomplish what - over and above conventional bricks, mortar and asphalt budgets? Not only does it have to be written down, but a fiscal analysis is req’d over the life of the structure c/w interest, cost of capital and depreciation etc.. If it is Job creation, then what is the projected $$$/Job? I once asked a politician (NOT the Minister of DOT) in a public forum why a section of highway was "upgraded" with new pavement and curbs but there was not any improvement in the alignment or grading - even on tricky turns. To make the point about how the project appeared I said that I literally was riding over hot asphalt as I went to the voting station. So defensive was he! – he never answered the question first nor last! There is a 1677 Watershed Statute requiring that many agreements had to be in writing and signed or marked to be valid- even though most of the British Empire was still illiterate (?). Constitutional Baby Steps, I suppose. As far as the importance of documentation in world history goes…… putting a bad plan on paper, does not necessarily improve the plan. Stalin - they said he had many standing ovations because all feared to be the first to stop clapping - but the carving up of Africa takes the cake and the "Private" Colony of the Belgian Congo was unbelievable – paper deed or no paper deed - unshackled Hearts of Darkness? It is not necessarily the good intentions of a government - written down or not - that matters but their accountability - brick by brick.

  • Lane
    February 01, 2012 - 09:30

    Mr. Jackson, why would you expect something called the Atlantic Charter to deal with Asia? Since you hadn't noticed, Asia's coast is on the Pacific, not the Atlantic.