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Recent comments

  • Spencer
    February 13, 2012 - 10:16

    Has anyone asked why this child was riding a snowmobile without an adult? This is against the law, and there is clearly a good reason for that law. If we want to be honest about the causes of this tragedy, we have to look at this fact.

  • Townie
    February 12, 2012 - 08:42

    I think it is more disgusting that someone would trivalize the death of a young boy and try to swipe it under the rug. Canadians were warned about this government when senior members were involved in the Mike Harris government with its lax handling of safety issues.

    • Lane
      February 12, 2012 - 12:54

      I don't hear anyone trivializing the matter, Townie. But spreading partisanship, anger and blame does nothing to improve our search and rescue system. Why don't you try making a concrete recommendation to improve the SAR system instead?

  • ..
    February 11, 2012 - 23:46

    Nobody would purposefully imperil a boys life? They knew he was there, and did not help, inaction is just as damning as action.

  • Lane
    February 11, 2012 - 18:36

    It is disgusting the way some people (like Johansen) are playing the blame game with this kid's tragic death. Politicians do not give orders regarding the deployment of helicopters for search and rescue operations. Nobody, not even politicians, would deliberately make decisions they knew would imperil a boy's life. So by all means let's learn from this tragedy and do what it necessary to improve our SAR procedures, but stop the blame game.