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  • AllTrueBrian
    March 10, 2012 - 15:59

    All true Brian except Muskrat is costing about 10 billion now on top of a roughly 8 billion debt - none of which NL's can afford. This John Smith on here is a pariah spreading false stories. It's true too, this government speaks out of both sides of it's mouth. I would add that they only care for their own salaries, pensions and patronage appointments, bribes. Dunderdale will get her pension even when let go? Expensive mistake to have voted her in. Lousy job government is doing in 6 months. John Smith works for them or Muskrat/ Nalcor, spreading myths to the public and hiding the real facts. Hope the public sees through his charade and special political interest because it's an injustice to citizen's of this province to try and mislead them. Titanic - maybe you're right. Memorial service much more important and respectful. Better to do it classy than cheap.

  • John Smith
    March 09, 2012 - 08:44

    How can you be allowed to publish this tripe? Is it just to generate sales? I just don't understand how you can just outright lie? Can you be allowed to just make up your own story? Mr. jones says that the project is not based on fact? What?? After all the reviews and studies it's not based on fact? As far as the money goes we all know this is not going to our current debt, that is not how it works. Even if it was going directly on our debt we would still need it. Even if we were still 12 billion in the hole, as we were when the Liberals were last in power we would still need it. In five short years we will be at a deficit as far as power is concerned, by 2020 we will have rolling blackouts in the winter when we have to worry about having power to heat people's homes. How do you propose the governement ensure we have the power? How do you propose they generate the power? Butterflies and moonbeams? Thankfully most people who read the garbage you write can see through the hyperbole, and BS and understand what you are trying to accomplish.