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  • Herb Morrison
    April 22, 2012 - 13:29

    Mr. Power,so sorry to have burst your bubble but the truth is what it is. You mention Benny Hinn. Apart from his being investigated on both sides of the border for income tax "irregularities," prior to the start of one of his services, Mr.Hinn's workers, are alleged to have paid members of the audience twenty dollars each if these people would be "inspired" to fall out of their seats, when Hinn made a particular gesture and proclaimation during his sermon. Closer to home, who can forget the opain and suffering inflicted on defenceless, young men by priests and Christian Brothers within the Roman Catholic Church, as well as abuses inflicted on First Nations children in Residential Schools set up by different Protestant Churches across Canada. It would appear that Illusion and deceit infested but secular and Religious institutions within our society.

  • Edward Power
    April 22, 2012 - 09:33

    Herb, surely you aren't telling me that the "Miracle Spring Water" and "Miracle Manna" that I received from Rev. Peter Popoff won't bless me with "Divine Transfers of Wealth"? I was counting on that money from God's own wallet. Is there still hope in the "Green Prayer Cloth" that I received from Rev. Don Stewart? He assures me that if I follow his directions exactly, and wrap my wallet in the Green Prayer Cloth before I go to bed, when I awaken it will be filled with "Miracle Money". Surely that can't be a scam too? Oh well, I guess I can still trust Benny Hinn.......

  • Herb Morrison
    April 21, 2012 - 08:08

    I am not a psychic, however, I see comments or e-mails in your future from people who believe that God heals magically "by the power of the Spirit." I would like to share the folllowing story with you and with other readers Several years ago, I knew a person , who earnestly believed that their potentially terminal illness (cancer) had been cured through "the power of Prayer." At a Church Service, people were almost dancing in the pulpit. As it turned out, the person's cancer had merely gone into remission. Within a couple of months, this individual had passed away. The cancer had reocurred in another part of the body and proved fatal. As a Christian I believe that God utilizes the talents of doctors, who use their medical skills to bring about healing. There is nothing magical about this, and the healing that they do for people, myself included, (that's another story) is nothing short of miraculous. Consequently, those Christians, who , with Bible in hand choose to misrepresent how God utilizeds God's power to heal, are as guilty of practicing deciet and illusion as people who ado so with taro cards or a deck of playing cards in their hands.