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  • Ron Tizzard
    May 12, 2012 - 13:27

    I have to agree Pam. From a government's perspective, all was well, until there was a hitch in the 'tranquility-line'...it's not readily available, and it would seem authorities are running-amock trying to quell the shakes. The government has a serious problem with its Addictions File, and it appears to be out to sea as to it's approach to calm the winds. One of the greatest indicators is that it offered up Mary Walsh as a spokes-person to quell any fears....who performed admirably...her credentials...she has a friend/relative or two with addictions concerns. Meanwhile, government has dozens of seasoned, credentialed staff, alcohol and drug treatment providers who are mum on their concerns for the Addictions Services in this province, particularly vis a vis the hard-drug quandrum. What to do! Where to turn! Why are they mum? To the best of my knowledge, this addictions file falls uner the pervue of Beverley Clarke, Health and Community Services provincial office (the author of the Oxycontin report, years ago). Where is she on ths issue? How are the Reports's 101 recommendations holding up....time for a review?...a quick review? Something is broken, or challenges to the report's weaknesses were unanticipated! One thing for sure...there are problems to be addressed...and it seems to be gone viral. Like most viruses they can be difficult to rein-in.