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  • Dandy lines in the Sand or Turf
    May 29, 2012 - 09:59

    "Art of War" - is there such a thing? Almost every war, however well planned, quickly decays into a battle for survival for all. The best trained soldiers are lost, the best equipment quickly becomes obsolete. The thing about the Dandelion is that it prefers well mowed lawns. When the rival grasses are short the broad leaves dominate. Further, the low cut turf helps any air borne seeds take root. If you were to allow the tall natural grasses to grow to full height they dominate the lower weeds. Note the lack of dandelions on hay fields, and contrast their domination of pastures and mowed landscape. There was one home in the East End of the City that tried to have a natural plant front lawn in a subdivision - the City objected. Ironic, because cutting hay on freehold land is often used as evidence of title - yet it seems the smaller the homestead the more the restrictions? I saw a good description of war in a weather almanac. "....preparing for a storm is like preparing for war...... it is not what your opponents are known to do, nor what they are likely to do, but what they are capable of.....". At 60 cents+/lb in the markets maybe you should give Mr. and the DL's a second front to fight on - (the undoing of many an army) and grow some potatoes?

  • Petertwo
    May 27, 2012 - 05:35

    Also the dandelion is one of the top 4 most nutritional green vegetables, an excellent source of fibre,vitamins and minerals, and virtually free.