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  • Ed Power
    June 04, 2012 - 08:09

    I gave up listening to, or rather, attempting to listen to Question Period because of the childish and churlish behaviour of the "Honourable" Members. This particular group is amongst the worst behaved - provincial or federal - that I've ever seen, and I've lived in four provinces over the past 35 years. Questions are asked, sometimes even politely, but are never answered. Instead, the respondant will stand and insult the questioner, ignore the question and answer something not asked, while all around him/her the cackling caucus will thump and bang and behave like buffoons. I'll confess that when the Honourable Premier stands and commences with the "Mr. Speaker, I want to say, Mr. Speaker, that in answering the question, Mr. Speaker, that the Leader of the Third Party, Mr Speaker, was foolish enough to ask, Mr. Speaker...." I have long since fled the room. Perhaps it is all part of the Master Plan.....to drive the prols and the plebes to distraction with their modern version of the Bread and Circuses pagents of ancient Rome.