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  • Ron Tizzard
    June 10, 2012 - 09:59

    It's a rare mortal, who is actually able to go through life without visiting his/her MD; and/or being treated in/admitted to hospital. These services locally, my opinion (a mature senior) , do a spectacular job...albeit, not all can be saved; nor can Medical services generally be held liable for the abuses 'rational humans' thrust upon their own bodies via absolute share neglect through killer life-styles, food selections and general disregard for their own responsibility for care and repsect for their own general health and well-being. People, we should hold ourselves accountable, more often than not, for our need to visit heath care practitioners and facilities in the first case. Medical Practitioners are not magicians; nor are health facilities places for providing miracles...while all of us, in truth, have witnessed, or have heard stories of rea/virtual miracles happening from time to time...and we thank God for our hospitals and statf. We just completed the Janeway's annual fundraising telethon (another tremendously, successful event). That telethon was, among other things, our vote of confidence in our children's health care system, in this province. As many miracles happen daily, as well, throughout our adult oriented health care systems; could there be improvements; for sure, they are services and facilities created and operated by humans...never perfect! But, grossly more often than not, they get it right...'real' medcal services and staff are not creations of Disneyland...in the real world, medical staff, and their sciences deal with mis-adventures brought upon individuals themselves through poor diets, lifestyles and heredity. That's the human side of things! The other side is the political side i..e. the political system's provision of sufficient statt and opportune services to provide services. It is very important that one makes that differation in ones' criticism's The bottom line truth...is that the vast majority of our own visits to hospitals are as a consequent of our own mis-adventures and neglect of our physical well-beings. Most times, from a medical perspective, we are our own worst medical-caretakers. Guaranteed...the hospital and staff will be waiting for you as you mess up, or God-forbid you have a crtical medical incident. Systems are systems, systems are in constant states of review and upgrades. I would suggest that the health care system, our health care system provides a tremendous service...if you are in doubt..do a self-analysis; what is/was your role in any dis-service? I would suggest that you not try to mix politics with health care topics... health care will get lost every time in the political vageries of that "dust-up".

  • David
    June 03, 2012 - 09:02

    What you're missing --- not governments --- is the reality of health care as a political issue. At any one time, not enough Canadians are affected by the outright bankruptcy and poor opertiaons of it to hold government acocuntable. Young people don't care at all, older citizens who are still healthy delude themselves that they would get timely treatment when needed (or that they're actually immortal...a similarly unlikely outcome), and most sick people are too scared at that point to 'rock the boat'. So empty promises at election time are all that's needed to get what politicians want......et voila: Canada's Health Care System. A mythical national symbol, a political football like no other, an inevitable revelation waiting for each one of us when the time comes.

    • Ron Tizzard
      June 11, 2012 - 08:02

      I hear you David...and gree with your broad 'political interpretation' on our, or for that matter, any health care system in the democratic regions of the world. From my perspective, however, a local-issue comment, I stand by my comment . One could argue, from a global perspective that any system, let alone Health, and as a domain of 'public service', would be subject to variable degrees of 'suspect re: integrity and 'soulful' provision of best care or intention (the latter particularly' in this instance i.e. is government e.g. our government taking 'best care' of us. Politically, opinions are wide open from an individual perspective i.e. one's own particular health status, our communities', our local provincial/national status vis a vis provision of health care. Viewing health services through a global political 'lens', one is always suspect due to the variability of 'frames of mind' i.e. ones degree of wellness on any given day. That said, I agree with you 'from a political perspective'; 'as an individual, lying in a bed in our health domain I feel safe in suggesting that our health care provisions are second to none...most particularly due to the very high levels of competency and 'personal care attention' offered by our health care providers..second to none I would suggest. I state that strongly, not as an afront to you at all, but from personal perspective...having worked within the systems, and from the 'high esteem' to which our health care systems are held, particularly by those who have had to rely on the services. Generally, I respect your comments...'by the each' as we often say...in this province.