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Recent comments

  • Edward Power
    July 02, 2012 - 13:32

    Carl either has a very short memory, or is unable to grasp the difference between an occassional emotional outburst and the systemic verbal and written abuse people who oppose the Conservative Party - citizens, politicians, scientists, educators, bureaucrats, etc. - are subjected to. Soon enough their arrogance will wear thin and they will be sent packing, with fat pensions in hand, to wreak havoc elsewhere.

    • Carl
      July 04, 2012 - 13:57

      @Edward: Can you give an example of a quote in which a federal Conservative politician under the current government has maligned or verbally abused a "citizen, scientist, educator, bureaucrat, etc?" Or are you just parroting Liberal and NDP talking points you have heard? There is a big difference between condemning someone's views or policies or behaviour and "verbally abusing" them. I can cite a very long list of obscenely abusive comments (and gestures) by Liberal and NDP MPs. In addition to those I have already cited, let's look at some more recent examples: Two Liberal MPs reportedly gave Nazi salutes in the direction of the PM while sitting in the House of Commons. Liberal MP Hedy Fry falsely accused the citizens of Prince George BC of burning crosses on their lawns. NDP MP Yvon Godin responded to the sick murder and mutilation case in Montreal by saying that the mailing of the victim's foot to Conservative HQ in Ottawa represented the fact that many Canadians are unhappy with the current government. NDP MP Pat Martin alone has used more profane and abusive language toward all kinds of people than the entire Conservative caucus combined. He told two separate citizens who disagreed with him to "f*** off" and "eat my shorts", and called a University of Laval Economics Professor a "d**khead", and he is being sued for falsely stating that a private company had engaged in criminal activity and calling its employees names. For good measure, I'll toss in the comments by Liberal MP John McCallum and Leader Michael Ignatieff among other opposition MPs, asserting repeatedly that Canadians soldiers were "committing war crimes" in Afghanistan - an assertion that has just been declared entirely false by an independent panel looking into the handling of Afghan detainees by our troops. I can't think of anything said by a current Conservative politician that even comes close to these comments by Liberal and NDP members.

  • Carl
    July 02, 2012 - 00:29

    Since Payne apparently can't suppress her partisan bias, she should at least disclose it in each article - she is an active member of the NDP. That's why she only writes about inappropriate comments by Conservatives, as if they invented profanity. Where was Payne's article about NDP MP Pat Martin's use of the f-word on Twitter a couple of months ago? How about Justin Trudeau calling a Minister a "piece of s**t" in the House of Commons recently? Of course, Trudeau was just following in his daddy's footsteps - Pierre Trudeau told Newfoundland MP John Lundrigan to f**k off in the House of Commons 40 years ago (because Lundrigan dared to ask a question about Trudeau's Unemployment Insurance policies). Pierre Trudeau also gave the finger to western Canadian farmers. At least Kenney didn't make his comment publicly, unlike all the NDP and Liberal politicians I have mentioned here.