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  • Winston Adams
    September 04, 2012 - 08:55

    Roberts says that Cashin "loved Nfld and her people passionately" Now I was told recently that Peter Cashin owned a cottage in Glovertown where he spent a lot of time after his retirement, and that the place was kept up. And it was suggested that perhaps he may have done a lot of his writing there.But that he never associated, mixed with or talked to any of the people there. Now I can appreciate that if he did his writing there, it would have occupied a lot of his time. On the other hand, talking with the locals would have been a welcome diversion at times. But that he didn't do that, if that is true, casts doubt in Robert's statement that he loved the people passionately. Perhaps others can clarify or add to my comment here?

  • Winston Adams
    September 01, 2012 - 09:05

    Bob, I agree, it's a important book. Haven't finished it yet. But I would say this: 1. Peter Cashin could overlook his own conflict of interest in personal business and that of the government. He may have been the best of a bad lot. 2. he had rich relatives and friends which gave him opportunities to make a lot of money: Tens of thousands of dollars in the Dirty Thirties when a fisherman might make a hundred dollars all summer. I guess morality is relative. Richard Squires's actions and corruption was too much, even for Cashin. But in the end, I suggest the people got it right. Too much corruption all around, the merchants could manipulate. We weren't fit to return to the old style of government, because we had a long history of unfit leaders. P.S. I am told that my father, Capt. Esau Adams, a Master Mariner,( who make his fortune salvaging a schooner the Northwest Mounted Police had abandoned in Hudson Bay) had once played poker with Peter Cashin while travelling on the Newfie Bullit. Nothing in the history books on Capt Adams. Never landed a seal. Casually knew a number of corrupt politicians, and merchants. His journals are not yet publiished. Of course, I have some bias, but a better read than Cashin's. Some suggested it's movie calibre stuff. Lots of adventure, but also business and morality, stories of Hudson Bay, and Labrador, Indians and eskimos.Nearly lost in a storm while sailing to Portugal and Spain, Rackets of merchants in St Johns. Making his fortune during WW1 and loss of his fortune during WW2. More devoted to the Nfld and Lab . people than Cashin. Left a wish but no money at the time of his death in 1954. Just last week it was suggested Russsell, the Tely editor could do a good job to assist publication. I may donate at least a million dollars to aid my fathers wish. Any editors interested? I'm in the phone book at Logy Bay or Email engineeringspecialties@hotmail.com