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  • Winston Adams
    September 08, 2012 - 22:19

    Russell, I like your reminders that climate change is a serious issue. Our misuse of fossil fuel is creating more extreme weather, and adaption will be more and more difficult, and more expensive. Science says there is a tipping point when we can do nothing to avoid future disaster. CO2 emissions continue to grow,and methane is even worse. Yet our economy can't run without fossil fuel. A conversion to a green economy is a monumental task. Energy efficiency in the USA alone can avoid the construction of hundreds of new electricity generation plants in the coming decades. Why is there no discussion of the benefit of energy efficiency (efficient heating uses 60 percent less electricity) to solve our energy problem here, rather than the very expensive Muskrat Falls? My figures sugests we are wasting 600 MW of our 1500MW demand, and most is recoverable at 1/4 the cost of MF. It would avoid an expentiture of many billions for about 2 dacades or more.