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  • Ed Power
    September 16, 2012 - 12:59

    Athiests are not likely to "believe in the devil and think that he's on their tail all the time", as belief in a "devil" would logically require the belief in a "God". This would mean that an athiest is actually a "theist, a conclusion that could only make sense to a religious "believer". Athiests certainly don't "believe in anything other than themselves" - a rather arrogant conclusion, I would suggest - we just don't believe in the "reality" of the mythical deities and demons our Bronze Age ancestors created in their attempt to understand and explain the world around them. Thunder and lightning? Why we must have angered the God(s). Lights in the night sky? It must be the light of "Heaven" shining through the firmament. Night and day? The everlasting battle between the Sun/Son/Light of the World and the God of Darkness/Bringer of Evil/Devil. The Sun returning each day- a Glorious Resurrection of the Light - must mean that our prayers/offerings/sacrifices have been answered. Pretty practical assumptions for people to make five or ten millennia ago. Just a little....stale dated....shall we say, in the 21st century. ( I would say the 18th really, but I won't quibble over a few centuries.) One great thing about being an atheist is that one doesn't have to put ones intellect on "Pause" or tie oneself into illogical knots in order to believe that fables are facts. Another, is that one doesn't have to live ones entire life in the constant fear of upsetting one imaginary deity and being damned by it to eternal torture at hands (claws?) of his equally imaginary friend. I find that rather enlightening, spiritually. Keep up the good work, Ed, always an entertaining read. Signed - Athiest Ed.