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Recent comments

  • W McLean
    November 02, 2012 - 11:45

    "Details about who was asked to invest, and why they declined, were never released." - Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth™. Kathy Dunderdale blabbed on the radio about how they spent five years trying to get an equity investor on board. That investor? Hydro Quebec: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6yYd6Aj5ec

  • Jerome
    November 02, 2012 - 10:02

    Hey John Smith. How many NL taxpayer dollars went into the construction of the Upper Churchill?

  • Too Funny
    November 02, 2012 - 08:34

    "the company does not get involved as a minority player in government projects." That was all the analysis Fortis needed. Would you put your money into a project that was going to be managed by government. Of course not. Just look at the pension plans that government is suppose to be managing.

  • David
    November 02, 2012 - 08:31

    If this project was see nto be a worthwhile investment, the private sector would be clambering to get in on it. Pension funds and insurance companies in this country currently face a very serious shortage of suitable, long term, significant projects to invest and find a home for billions of dollars needing to find a rate of return. A huge infrastructure project like this, one analysed and structured to have an acceptable amount of investment risk, would be fought over, or could be financed in the capital markets in a heartbeat. And? ......crickets. The market is quielty amused at the spectacle of Newfoudland walking its own plank, and going on with its serious business of finding proper investments.

  • John Smith
    November 02, 2012 - 08:06

    Hilarious...very, very funny stuff. What investors did Mr. Williams approach? Do you have the names? No I didn't think so. As well Stan Marshall said they would be happy to invest, but they wanted to control the project. Remember what happened the last time we let a private compnay get control of a hydro project? It was called the Upper Churchill. Oh,... and we did get a minority share private investor, Emera who are kicking in nearly 2 billion dollars. Another weak, nonsesical fluff piece from Mr. Jones...and the beat goes on...

    • david
      November 02, 2012 - 09:21

      If this project was onf any interest to institutional investors, Mr. Wiiliams wouldn't have needed to call anyone...his phone would have rung off the hook. The banks would have him on speedial or in their "Fave 5". And we all know that Mr. Wiiliams would not have even considered keeping that information, a source of more chest thumpinfg for himself had it ever occurred, to himself. He would have called a press conference for each such phone call received, and publicly gloated about it. .......crickets. And you're still a tool.

  • Jerome
    November 02, 2012 - 06:43

    You've summed it up Brian, in a nutshell.