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  • anon
    November 03, 2012 - 20:11

    My education is equivalent to business man, but I am a woman in a sexist city. I have been cheated in dealings, and have been put in situations that have been harmful to me financially. Yet, no one reacts or takes action. No one does anything, Because in NL, the word of the man trumps the word of a woman. The woman may be brilliant, the man high school educated, and society, It is discriminatory.

  • a business man
    November 03, 2012 - 09:44

    There are better paths to take. Those paths are education and fiscal management. People have to take responsibility of their own lives at an early stage, and position themselves to not earn $10/hour. I went to law school and business school. I have nothing to do with big oil, but my education has allowed my to be very successful. That said, there are two issues you identified in your article....high rents and crime. With any issue, there will always be people on the right side and the wrong side of it. With me, my education earn a salary that allows me to make many investments, which include buying rental properties. I bought these properties years ago, when they were far far cheaper. Now that we have the oil boom and based on the market, I am charging rents well above my initial expectations. It is essentially free money that I get as a result of big oil, even though I have no connection to the oil industry. In addition to higher rents, my properties are now worth a lot more. I get this windfall because I got a good education, and earned enough money to buy multiple properties. I didn't spend my money on stuff....I save and bought a hard asset. My hard work from ages 15-25 have paid off. Secondly, as a lawyer, an increase in crime means an increase in clients. Again, I did nothing to cause the increase in crime, but by choice to pursue higher education has put me on the right side of this issue. Pam, you are right we need to find a way to show young people that there are better paths to take. However, I question the WE have to show them the better path. I am not sure what you mean here, but society/taxpayers shouldn't bear the cost of showing everyone the path. that is the job of parents and teachers. I'll show my kids, you show yours.