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Recent comments

  • David
    November 08, 2012 - 11:16

    World class trout fishing on the Bow River right in the heart of downtown Calgary has never been at risk...why? Because the citizens of Calgary aren't genetically wired to poach, and they are able to think of better, more positive and productive things to do.

  • shane
    November 08, 2012 - 10:03

    is this guy for real....well at least this article has something regarding the province instead of his worldly travels that have NOTHING to do with us or interest very few.SAEN trying to justify our egos for over 20 yrs

  • luke
    November 08, 2012 - 09:58

    salmon are in th lower rennies and have been for yrs...what a crock...restock rennies ...again?same ol same ol with this group what a stupid waste of money...most rivers in newfoundland in trouble and this crowd wants to help big business look pretty..rock on boys keep lookn down your noses at the common man

  • David
    November 05, 2012 - 14:13

    You think?! In the ancestral homeland of the genetically pre-disposed poacher?! I'd be on the lookout for pigs flying over Torbay airport first.