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  • James G. Learning
    November 11, 2012 - 16:18

    Michael there is one other little senarrio we could run to a greater extent, I will touch on it here. It has been my contention all along the MFP is a wedge issue between NFLD and Labrador. NFLD so called needs this powe, at least that is what they are told by Danny and the group, Labrador don't and gets it in spades regarding the costal communities, North and South. We were told it was just not going to happen. Our Costal communities were and are to stay on the ever increasing pricey diesel, no electrical heating for them , as Bennett was spouting at the time. Now lets fast forward 25 years, Island rate payers are paying double the rates with the new MF Power, and of course all Labradoreans and Newfoundlanders are paying a head tax of $16,000.00 + to keep NS in power from MF as agreed to. Even if NS backs out NL taxpayers have to pick up the bill, not only that but the Labrador mines are or will be also subsidised by the NL tax payer. Now lets say in 2525 Labradoreans finally fed up with being ignored by the Island politics their resource gouging, and never building anything for Labrador, find some way to go the independent road, I like to call it self determination. Now the Island rate payers and tax payers are on the hook with about the then 80,000 Labrador population and the Island shrinking population. So the 80,000 Labradoreans are gone, the Island rate payers are then left holding the bill for this Mega Fiasco. Before anyone gets huffy about this, it is a strong possibility, the world works like that, validating strong posibilities, and sometimes lesser ones. After all the Yukon gets by as an independent Territory with far less resources than Labrador, and a few more in population. All groups in that Territory make it work quite well, their resources are for them, Labrtador's resources go for the popullation of the Island. It remains to be seen as to how much longer Labradoreans will be have nots in a have Territoty. How much longer will we let it go on? That is the question, not if we can be self determining.

  • Cyril Rogers
    November 11, 2012 - 11:29

    One vote, Mr. Johansen, but it is MY vote and YOUR vote, on an issue that has major implications for this province for decades. Like you, I am more than willing to risk losing out in a referendum......the only real democracy we have left in this country. Governments control the message and have all the resources while we, despite having the capacity to think for ourselves, are told that we must do this, or that, because it is good for us. Well, not me! I am disgusted with that kind of governance and will not quit fighting it until the last metre of concrete is poured and the river is dammed. Your argument that the river needs preserving resonates with me but it seems too many people still want it to go ahead, thinking incorrectly that it is economically viable. I am of the view that we have done enough damage to Labrador's ecology and should resist any further destruction of the river. I am surprised that some of the aboriginal groups in Labrador are not more vocal. I know that some are but I would have expected overwhelming opposition from all of the residents of Labrador. Sadly, not that many people on the Island appear to be overly concerned about the ecological destruction, but some of us are. Aside from the financial cesspit this province will put itself in, the construction of Muskrat Falls will ensure that few, if any, other forms of infrastructure get built in Labrador, or on the Island. Democracy, under this administration and under DW, was ultimately hijacked when they set up NALCOR and enacted Bill 29. They are hiding behind those entities and are AFRAID to hold a referendum.....they need to remember though that those who dismiss the collective wisdom of the people are digging a political grave for themselves, although it may be too late to stop us from falling into the financial chasm. Ironically, Williams' legacy will be yet another giveaway! Keep plugging away and keep this aspect of the project alive. You may yet save a river!