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Recent comments

    February 28, 2013 - 21:34

    The public tender act is used to procure this service . The Department of Education accepts every single lowest bid , every time . You get what you pay for actually , not the best service , the cheapest service period . And yes , I am a bus contractor , one who has been screaming to get away from the dept of education and get a negotiated contract , handled by the PUB . It is an essential service , hauling children . Not a load of lumber . Wake up people and help contractors get away from a department looking to protect their budget

  • Parent at St. Edwards
    November 23, 2012 - 08:37

    The problem with bus regulations goes even further than the 1.6km rule. Parents are also expected to provide transportation to and from school if the child is in care. If a child gets on and off the bus at a caregivers home/facility then availing of a bus is considered a "courtesy seat". Parents have to wait a month during the beginning of the year to find out whether their children will have the privilege of riding on a bus. Those arrangements are but in place for the school year, and then you are expected to reapply the following year. The reality is that the majority of parents are working these days so most children are in care. It all comes down to planning, or lack thereof. CBS continues to grow, yet the powers at be cannot seem to keep up with the changes. There are not enough buses, the school is overcrowded and our children are suffering for it. Imagine this day in age an elementary school without a library or music room. Absurd!!!