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  • John Smith
    January 21, 2013 - 09:45

    3.5 billion a year...every year...is what we spend on healthcare in NL. Every 5 years we spend nearly 20 billion dollars on healthcare in NL. We will borrow 4 billion for muskrat falls, a one time expenditure...just for perspective. People are outraged about Muskrat falls, they form groups against the development, saying it will bankrupt the province. Yet, we pour billions into the open maw that is healthcare...and what do we get in return? People go off their heads about muskrat ballooning to 10 billion etc...yet we spend 10 billion on healthcare every three or four years...and not a peep from the naysayers...strange to say the least...if anything is going to bankrupt us it will be feeding healthcare the billions upon billions it consumes evry year...for a population of half a million people...

  • St.Johns Orange Councilor
    January 20, 2013 - 08:58

    The real emergency is the emergency room its self. When all these cuts that are coming happen, just remember that no one in the confederation building will be lacking services, equipment or extra hand to do their jobs. They'll get their raises, perks and more besides, but the people who will be paying for it will get the estimates of it. We have another issue about NL's population growth, or lack there of. our aging senior's. The premier is scared of not having enough people to pay for muskratfalls, so she placed some one in a patronage position to keep him busy until the next election when they can abondon their posts again and leave the issue up in the air. Its not good enough! Government needs a salary cap on themselves, like every other public servant. Think of it this way, the premier can place 10 billion dollars on the next 3 generations of NL'ers on a dam we don't need but we can't waste it on 24 hour snow clearing for 2-3 months of the year, a ferry built in our own province, or an extra doctor in the emergency . How can EasternHealth expect to cure anyone when they can't even cure themselves of not providing a decent and reasonable service. But after these cuts alot of services will be cut out and you can't be judged on a service that you don't provide. Maybe there will be more Government jobs pop up when we get closer to the next election. Its worked in the past!

    • Christopher Chafe
      January 21, 2013 - 08:06

      Ahmmm your logic with MF and the Health Care System crisis is laughable to say the least. You sound as if this crisis has only sprung its head since Dunderdale became premier. Perhaps you need to stop drinking the Orange Crush and realize that the health care system has been flawed for decades.