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  • Winston Adams
    February 10, 2013 - 11:04

    Paul, glad to see you address this issue. You say the Innu should not hunt the caribou unless they are starving. But how about hunger? How about ill health from lack of traditional food? How about unable to afford store bought beef, chicken or pork. A few years back some two thirds of the northern Innu community had a very low income, and were receiving social services. Not all Innu are in the same economic situation, and some may even sacrifice their health to save the caribou. You seem to let the government off the hook for their lack of research on the decline. So while industrialization is being promoted, environmental effects on the caribou is ignored. Even Nalcor is not studying the effects of the Muskrat Falls plan. You say each caribou killled is one less to reproduce. Now the Innu have voted to hunt 1 percent of the herd , but only males. A caller to Randy Simms this week suggested a male only hunt was acceptable. Randy replied " I don't see how two females can reproduce." And so Randy is intellegient? Like Randy thinks the caribou gets married, and the males are faithful to one female? I think the Innu are taking appropriate steps. And maybe if assistance is provided to offset the economic hardship for loss of caribou meat ,that more Innu may reduce the hunt further? Didn't Nflders receive billions in assistance for the loss of the cod?